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The idea of New Trinity Baptist Church was originated with Mr. James Foster who was at that time a member of the Travelers Rest Baptist Church.  The idea was born because of the many Baptists who lived in this community without a church home near them.

our_churchIn 1891 every Baptist in this area who were known to be without a church home was contacted.  An entertainment was given by Deacon James Foster to begin a building fund.  Others who worked on this effort were:  Deacon Henry Bivings, Miss Mary Foster, Mrs. Janice Foster Hunter, Mrs. Adeline Miles, Mr. Luke Bookard, Mr. York Woodruff, Mrs. Rosie Foster, Mrs. Lizzie Crook, Mr. John B. Foster, Mr. Richard Rogers, Rev. J. W. Woodruff, Rev. Stiffers Miles, Rev. H. P. Mills, Moderator of the Spartanburg Association, Mr. Joe Bookard, Mr. Carey Hunter, Sr. and Rev. Calvin Peake. This movement continued to make progress with new members being added.  Services were held in vacant houses, log houses and brush harbors.  In 1894, a church site was chosen by Deacon Henry Bivings and several trustees.  This was on the Nazareth Road.  The acre was signed to them by Mr. J. E. Moore and his brother.

In 1895, the Church had progressed to the extent that a pastor was needed and Rev. Calvin Peake filled this position and served 27 years until his death.

Rev. B. F. Stewart, a graduate of Morris College, was our second pastor.  In the course of sixteen years of service, Rev. Stewart saw the need for a church cemetery.  The idea was accepted and realized.

During Rev. Stewart’s pastorate, our first piano was purchased for the church and the organization of a Junior Choir with Miss Annie Lou Foster (Shelton) as pianist assisted by Mr. Timothy Nesbitt.

Rev. Stewart had a special interest in the youth of our church.  He organized the Baptist Training Union with Miss Inez Evans (Smith) as president.  He also encouraged the young people to further their education. Rev. Stewart served us until God called him to his reward on May 27, 1943. 

The Rev. T. R. Talbert was our third pastor.  Rev. Talbert was with us for eight years.  Under his leadership we began raising funds for the Sunday School rooms.  After Rev. Talbert’s resignation, it was necessary for the officers and members to continue this task alone.  The work was later completed with Rev. J. S. Earle substituting as pastor.  The Sunday School rooms were completed in 1952. 

In 1953, Rev. M. P. Robinson came to us as pastor.  Under his leadership it was possible to liquidate the debt which was made before he came.  We were thankful that Rev. Robinson served us nine years before resigning.

In January 1962, Rev. E. G. Douglas was installed as our pastor.  While successfully serving us for three years, he initiated the idea of building a new church.  He was on business for that purpose when a tragic automobile accident occurred which caused his death. 

In 1967, Rev. M. C. Duncan came to us as pastor.  He ably shouldered the responsibility of building the new church.  The opening services in our new church were held June 15, 1969.  During Rev. Duncan’s pastorate, we were grateful that the sum of building the new church at a cost of $67, 495.00 was liquidated in 1973.  Rev. Duncan faithfully served us for ten years before leaving in 1978. 

Rev. Hawthorne was installed as our seventh pastor on February 9, 1980.  Our membership and fellowship grew tremendously during this time.  More than ninety new members were added to the church roll and Sunday School increased to nine classes.  The worship services were also well attended. 

A Junior Church was organized under Rev. Hawthorne’s leadership with Miss Charlotte Dickey and Mrs. Annie L. Shelton as dependable workers.  The music department also expanded in size with seven choirs, which included the Hawthorne Mixed Choir.

Other improvements during Rev. Hawthorne’s pastorate were the installation of carpet, which added to the beauty and comfort of the church.  Mrs. Vera Bivings served as chairman, and the Junior Ushers were responsible for the carpet on the porch and steps.  In addition to the above named improvements were the bulletin board, shrubbery on the church grounds, pavement around the church for the convenience of the handicapped and air conditioning in the upstairs Sunday School rooms.

Our eighth pastor was Rev. Warren H. Sullivan who came to us in 1987.  During Rev. Sullivan’s term as pastor, our church began a building and renovation project.  Rev. Sullivan became ill during his tenure and died.  Under his leadership, the church members were learning to come together in unity and work together for a common goal.  Rev. Sullivan taught love, cooperation and unity.

Our ninth pastor is the Rev. Wendell L. Thompson, Sr.  Rev. Thompson served us as interim pastor for several months.  He was called to serve us as pastor the first Sunday in June, 1990.  The Lord has done great things since He placed Rev. Thompson here as a pastor.  The Lord has blessed this church to complete the renovation of our Fellowship Hall.  It has been valued at $80,000.  The Lord has blessed us by adding 24 new members to the church.  20 by baptism and 4 by Christian experience.  Through the guidance and blessings of God, the Holy Spirit, we have purchased playground equipment, bought tables and chairs for the fellowship hall, and blessed many of our members to become tithers to support the ministry.  We give God all the glory, honor and praise for the many great things He has done and is doing for our church family.  We believe that God has many more great things in store for us since He has done this in the first two years of Pastor Thompson’s tenure here.

We shall not forget the early patriots who suffered and toiled untiringly to advance the cause and pave the way for us to reach our present goal. Let us look on the fields, for they are all ready for harvest.  The task of Christian education, missionary work, visiting the widows and orphans in their distress and keeping ourselves unspotted from the world is ever before us. 

Let us remember the main task of the church is the salvation of souls.  Though we may excel in many endeavors, if we fail to save souls, our mission will not be fulfilled.

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